IDS Overview

The Investigational Drug Service (IDS) is an integral part of the research process at Emory University. Since January 1, 2008, University policy has required that investigators who conduct drug studies use IDS for the management and dispensing of research drugs. The policy applies to all investigational drugs and drugs provided free of charge and used in clinical trials.


The primary location for the Emory Investigational Drug Service is Emory Clinic, Building A.  This location provides investigational drug services to the Winship Cancer Institute in Building C, the Emory Clinic, Buildings A and B, Executive Park, Emory Genetics and the Emory Children's Center.  IDS has two satellite locations at Emory Hospital and The Hope Clinic of Emory University.  The hospital satellite provides services to Emory University Hospitals, the Transplant Clinic and Woodruff Memorial Building.  The Hope Clinic satellite provides pharmacy services to the Hope Clinic, the clinical arm of the Emory Vaccine Research Center (EVC) and a Clinical Core for the Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR).

Emory University Hospital
Room F-506
1364 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone: 404-712-4718
Fax: 404-712-0299
The Emory Clinic Bldg. A
Suite 1200
1365 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30322
Phone: 404-712-7485
Fax: 404-727-0265
The Hope Clinic
500 Irvin Court, #200
Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: 404-712-4642

Office Hours

Regular business hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Non-business hours via pager: 404-686-5500 PIC# 14210

Staff (including CV and Licenses)

Susan Rogers, RPh
Director (CV , License)

Esther Park, Pharm.D.
Research Pharmacist        

Jianguo Xu, Ph.D., RPh

Rebecca Gonzalez, Pharm.D.   
Research Pharmacist

Darien Middleton, CPhT
Research Pharmacy Technician, Sr.     

Angela Cox, CPhT 
Research Pharmacy Technician                   

Chi-Cobi Speaks, CPhT
Research Pharmacy Technician       

Davida Jenkins
Administrative Assistant   

IDS Process

Important Information for Sponsors and Monitors

IDS is responsible for ensuring that research drugs are handled and dispensed according to protocol and has implemented systems accordingly.

  • Drug Accountability: For protocol management, dispensing and drug accountability, IDS uses Vestigo, a web-based information system designed for investigational drug services. The system maintains protocol and drug information, patient profiles, randomization assignments, inventory records and dispensing and patient return information. The system is fully HIPAA compliant. During monitor visits, monitors are given read-only access to their study to access drug accountability logs, patient return reports, and other documentation.
  • Temperature Control: To ensure that drugs are stored at the correct temperature, IDS uses TempTrak, a continual temperature monitoring system. The system records temperatures every 5 minutes and produces both graphs and summary reports for specified time periods. Each storage unit in IDS, including room temperature, is monitored by TempTrak. The system has an alarm and if a unit goes out of range, IDS personnel are notified via email, cell phones, and pager.  Monitors are given read-only access to the system during monitor visits.
  • Drug Destruction: If requested by the sponsor, IDS has the capability of destroying investigational drugs via incineration and has a SOP in place.
  • Monitor Visits: To schedule a visit, click on the Calendar View page.