Data Integration & Integrity

Data Entry, Tracking & Reporting Services

  • Activates studies in ERMS upon receipt of notice of award.
  • Enters study level documents into PowerTrials, e.g. PRAs, IDS Drug Data Sheets & Clinical Research Key Points including special form for studies deemed “sensitive” by the IRB.
  • Enters research participant data and informed consent documents into the clinical trials tab within PowerTrials to enhance patient safety and to create an authoritative list of active clinical trials & active research participants at Emory.  This flag initiates the bill hold process in HealthQuest & IDX.
  • Sends nightly report to Grady of active clinical trials and research participants conducted at Grady.
  • Develops and distributes monthly report of active clinical trials & research participants to Department Chairs & Department Administrators. 
  • Serves as the PRS Administrator for